2010N 712

It is the first summer for me in Nagoya and it is really muggy. Here it is a happy thing that I will go back home for nearly two weeks, I miss my home so much!

Science, vol. 329, #5969&5988, Nonoyama san
page182: X-ray diffraction analysis determined the crystal structure of human BK Ca2+gating apparatus. Structure can help understanding function of Ca2+gating mechanism. So if you can get a perfect crystal of Protein, it is really luck!

PNAS,Vol. 107 No.24, Gouhara san
page10902: Membrane protein is very difficult for crystallization. Recent years NMR for protein structural research is getting very popular, especially for proteins that were not easy form a crystal in specific conditions. This paper provided a new way, combines cell-free protein synthesis, optimized combinatorial dual-isotope labeling for nearly instant resonance assignment, and fast acquisition of long-distance information using paramagnetic probe, to overcome the shortage of limited distance information obtainable for transmembrane helices by NMR. To overcome the disadvantage of NMR and get more information of protein, the skill still needs to be developed.

EMBO, Vol.29 No.9, Sudo san
page1477: Blue native-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of the crosslinked substrates revealed that sustrate dimer can be transported at a time through the Tat protein transport system on the chloroplast membrane. So native PAGE sometimes is very useful as a research tool to distinguish between monomer or dimer of the proteins.