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Ochiai KK, Hanawa D, Ogawa HA, Tanaka H, Uesaka K, Edzuka T, Shirae-Kurabayashi M, Toyoda A, Itoh T, Goshima G. (2024)
Genome sequence and cell biological toolbox of the highly regenerative, coenocytic green feather alga Bryopsis
Plant J.  in press

Goda M, Shribak M, Ikeda Z, Okada N, Tani T, Goshima G, Oldenbourg R, Kimura A. (2024)
Live-cell imaging under centrifugation characterized the cellular force for nuclear centration in the Caenorhabditis elegans embryo

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Physcomitrium patens SUN2 mediates MTOC association to the nuclear envelope and facilitates chromosome alignment during spindle assembly
Plant Cell Physiol. 64(9):1106-1117

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Armadillo repeat-containing kinesin represents the versatile plus-end-directed transporter in Physcomitrella
Nat Plants. 9(5):733-748

Kurita G, Goshima G, Uesaka K. (2023)
Draft Genome Sequences of Two Dothideomycetes Strains, NU30 and NU200, Derived from the Marine Environment around Sugashima, Japan
Microbiology Resource Announcements. 12(5):e01217-22

Ta KN*, Yoshida MW*, Tezuka T, Shimizu-Sato S, Nosaka-Takahashi M, Toyoda A, Suzuki T, Goshima G, Sato Y. (2023)
Control of plant cell growth and proliferation by MO25A, a conserved major component of the Mammalian Sterile20-like kinase pathway
Plant and Cell Physiology. 64(3):336-351 * equal contribution

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Microfluidic Device for High-Resolution Cytoskeleton Imaging and Washout Assays in Physcomitrium (Physcomitrella) patens.
Methods Mol Biol. 2604:143-158



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Cell tip growth underlies injury response of marine macroalgae
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Mitotic spindle formation in the absence of Polo kinase
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Physical properties of the cytoplasm modulate the rates of microtubule polymerization and depolymerization
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Division site determination during asymmetric cell division in plants
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Microtubule Nucleation Pathways
Encyclopedia of Biological Chemistry III (Third Edition) 5:547-553

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Microtubule-associated proteins promote microtubule generation in the absence of γ-tubulin in human colon cancer cells
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Plant stem cell research is uncovering the secrets of longevity and persistent growth
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Tsuchiya K, Hayashi H, Nishina M, Okumura M, Kanemaki MT, Goshima G, Kiyomitsu T. (2021)
Ran-GTP is non-essential to activate NuMA for mitotic spindle-pole focusing, but dynamically regulates and maintains HURP near chromosomes.
Curr Biol. 31(1):115-127

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Rho of Plants GTPases and Cytoskeletal Elements Control Nuclear Positioning and Asymmetric Cell Division during Physcomitrella patens Branching.
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Kinesin-13 and Kinesin-8 Function during Cell Growth and Division in the Moss Physcomitrella patens
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Transient cotransformation of CRISPR/Cas9 and oligonucleotide templates enables efficient editing of target loci in Physcomitrella patens.
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Editorial overview: Cell division – from molecules to tissues
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A versatile microfluidic device for highly inclined thin illumination microscopy in the moss Physcomitrella patens
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Moss Kinesin-14 KCBP Accelerates Chromatid Motility in Anaphase
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Kinetochore protein depletion underlies cytokinesis failure and somatic polyploidization in the moss Physcomitrella patens
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Microtubule nucleation and organization without centrosomes
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The KCH Kinesin Drives Nuclear Transport and Cytoskeletal Coalescence to Promote Tip Cell Growth in Physcomitrella patens
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Human microcephaly ASPM protein is a spindle pole-focusing factor that functions redundantly with CDK5RAP2
J. Cell Sci. 130:3676-3684
*equal contribution

Beaven R, Bastos RN, Spanos C, Romé P, Cullen CF, Rappsilber J, Giet R, Goshima G, Ohkura H. (2017)
14-3-3 regulation of Ncd reveals a new mechanism for targeting proteins to the spindle in oocytes.
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Five factors can reconstitute all three phases of microtubule polymerization dynamics
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Live cell microscopy-based RNAi screening in the moss Physcomitrella patens.
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*equal contribution

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J. Cell Biol. 211(6):1113-1120
*equal contribution

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Microcephaly protein Asp focuses the minus ends of spindle microtubules at the pole and within the spindle.
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Clustering of a kinesin-14 motor enables processive retrograde microtubule-based transport in plants
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RNAi screening identifies the armadillo repeat-containing kinesins responsible for microtubule-dependent nuclear positioning in Physcomitrella patens.
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NACK kinesin is required for metaphase chromosome alignment and cytokinesis in the moss Physcomitrella patens.
Cell Struct and Funct. 40(1):31-41 

Nakaoka Y, Kimura A, Tani T, Goshima G. (2015)
Cytoplasmic nucleation and atypical branching nucleation generate endoplasmic microtubules in Physcomitrella patens.
Plant Cell. 27(1):228-242



Gohta Goshima:Questing for answers on the mitotic spindle.
by Caitlin Sedwick
J. Cell Biol. 206(2):148-9. "People & Ideas"

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Friction on MAP Determines Its Traveling Direction on Microtubules.
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Loss of a Rho-Regulated Actin Nucleator, mDia2, Impairs Cytokinesis during Mouse Fetal Erythropoiesis.
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*equal contribution

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