Workshop Cancelled
International Workshop on Bacterial Flagella and BioMachineries
To be held also as the 25th Annual Flagella Meeting


Dear Invited speakers and attendees,

In the past few months, the COVID-19 pandemic and rising confirmed cases worldwide caused strong impact globally. As the coronavirus spreading is not well-controlled yet and borders are still closed, we can only sadly announce the cancellation of 2020 International Workshop on Bacterial Flagella and BioMachineries. Thank you for your understanding.

Chien-Jung Lo (Chair), Keiichi Namba, Katsumi Imada, Ikuro Kawagishi, Michio Homma, Lee-Wei Yang(NTHU).

Ps If there is any unsorted refund issue, please contact us.


March 16 - 19, 2020

- March 16 Registration in evening
- March 19 Closing13:00

Venue South Garden Hotels and Resorts, Taoyuan, Taiwan.
No.8, Shuzih RD., Jhongli Dist, Taoyuan City, Taiwan

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1st circular Please download the 1st ciruclar from here
Richard Berry, University of Oxford
David Blair, University of Utah
Kelly Hughes, University of Utah
Shahid Khan, LBNL, Berkeley
Akio Kitao, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Seiji Kojima, Nagoya University
Jun Liu, Yale University
Teuta Pilizota, University of Edinburgh

Staff 8,000TWD

Student 6,000TWD

(Including 3 nights in triple-bed room/meals/banquet)
For Japanese attendees, please pay in cash at the reception desk on the arrival day.
For the other attendees, please follow the instruction email after successful application.

  1. Long talk (20 min talk/10 min discussion)
  2. Short talk (10 min talk/5 min discussion)
  3. Poster presentation


To apply for the meeting, fill in the excel form and send to the contact address below.
[Application form]
 *Dec. 17; application form updated
[Contact address]
Mei-Hsiu Wan, National Central University
E-mail: mgbrwan at

When two or more people apply from your group, please input everyone's information in an application form. The presenters will be selected by the organizers after the deadline, but please fill in the order of priority for presentation in your group.
Deadline:Friday, January 10 17, 2020


Presenter should download a template file, make an abstract and send it to the contact address below.

[Oral presentation]
[Poster presentation]
[Contact address]
Mei-Hsiu Wan, National Central University
E-mail: mgbrwan at
[Deadline] Friday, January 17, 2020

Organizer Chien-Jung Lo (Chair), National Central University, Taiwan
Keiichi Namba, Osaka University, Japan
Katsumi Imada, Osaka University, Japan
Ikuro Kawagishi, Hosei University, Japan
Michio Homma, Nagoya University, Japan
Lee-Wei Yang, National Tsing Hua University , Taiwan
Secretariat Mei-Hsiu Wan
Department of Physics, National Central University
Taoyuan, Taiwan
Tel: +886-3-4227151 ext 36311
Email: mgbrwan at

Marie Takeda
Division of Biological Science, Graduate School of Science
Nagoya University, Chikusa-Ku, Nagoya 464-8602, Japan
e-mail:flameet at